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A Christmas Carol Review


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  • Q1
    How does the dialogue help us understand the setting in England, 1843?
    It helps the light designers know where and how to set up the lights on the stage.
    The vocabulary they use come from that time period.
    It shows how educated everyone is.
    It helps us understand the actions the actors are taking onstage.
  • Q2
    What do we learn about Scrooge after Marley’s and Scrooge’s dialogue in Scene 1?
    He is not friendly. This dialogue is used to help the reader gain an understanding of Scrooge’s character.
    Scrooge was a great friend and anjoyable business partner.
    Scrooge really hates Christmas
    Scrooge is a very generous man.
  • Q3
    What do we learn about Scrooge and his nephew after the dialogue in Scene 2?
    His nephew is his sister's son.
    His nephew has children.
    They have opposite views about Christmas.
    They have dinner together frequently.
  • Q4
    What do we learn about Cratchit from his dialogue with Scrooge?
    Cratchit thinks that Scrooge is the nicest person he's ever had the pleasure of working with.
    The two work well together and Scrooge is considering making Cratchit his new partner.
    He is forgiving of Scrooge for being so mean and wishes Scrooge a Merry Christmas.
    Scrooge has made Cratchit as bitter and mean as he is.
  • Q5
    How does Scrooge feel about Christmas? How do you know? What does he say about this time of year?
    He thinks it is a waste of time because he feels that business should continue during this time of the year.
    His favorite part is decorating.
    He thinks that the cold is ridiculous.
    He looks forward to helping those in need every year.
  • Q6
    Referring to the text, what do we learn about Scrooge’s nephew’s ideas about Christmas?
    The food is the only part he enjoys this time of year.
    He thinks it is a time to think about others- giving to those who have little.
    He is greedy like his uncle and dislikes giving as well.
    His favorite part is decorating.
  • Q7
    How does Cratchit feel about Scrooge?
    He feels sorry for or pities Scrooge
    He enjoys spending time with Scrooge.
    He sees Scrooge as a brother.
    He thinks Scrooge is a terrible man and hate evry moment with him.
  • Q8
    What does destitute mean? How is this demonstrated in the dialogue in Scene 2?
    To have everything you need. The thin and portly man were collecting money for thousands that already have what they need but want other things.
    To be poor: The men (portly man and thin man) were collecting money for the thousands without the common necessities.
    Wealthy. The thin and portly man were trying to donate money to help Cratchit.
    On the run. The thin and portly men were trying to collect money to help criminals and runaways that want to stay hidden.
  • Q9
    What do you think Marley means when he says, “BUSINESS!! Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business; charities, mercy, forbearance, benevolence, were, all, my business.”?
    Marley feels that he should have focused more on opening a pound and taking care of animals.
    Marley feels that he should have been more concerned about others while he was alive instead of only thinking about money.
    Marley feels that If he had only worked harder at their firm and collected more money he would have had a better life.
    Marley feels like he should have focused more on finding a wife and starting a family.
  • Q10
    How did Marley get the chains he wears?
    He found them in his basement.
    Every ghost has to chose an item to carry, so Marley chose the chains.
    His ordered them from a blacksmith.
    Marley gets the chains from his misdeeds or from his greed.
  • Q11
    Does Scrooge believe that what he sees is Marley? How do you know?
    Yes, but he is terrified and screams and runs away.
    No, he thinks he is dreaming.
    Yes, he's excited to see him again and invites him over for dinner.
    No, Scrooge does not believe that he sees Marley because he explains that it is an undigested piece of beef that is causing hallucinations.
  • Q12
    How does Scrooge feel when he gets home? How do you know?
    Scrooge is tired and goes straight to sleep.
    Scrooge is scared and runs to hide in his closet.
    Scrooge is nervous/scared because when he goes into his home, he checks under beds and in all the rooms.
    Scrooge is relieved and relacs in his chair before a warm fire.
  • Q13
    How does Scrooge express his doubt about the vision of Marley?
    He thinks Marley is just a trick of the light.
    He thinks it is caused by indigestion from a piece of beef.
    He thinks he is dreaming.
    He thinks Marley is just his reflection in a mirror.
  • Q14
    How does Scrooge react to Past?
    He is friendly and invites the ghost to Christmas Dinner.
    He is rude and ignores the visions the whole time.
    He is scared and polite and says that he will remember the lessons that he learned there.
    He is scared and tried to hid in his closet.
  • Q15
    According to the dialogue, why is the woman ending the engagement with Scrooge?
    She feels that Scrooge is more interested in money.
    She thinks he is in love with another woman.
    She has fallen in love with another man.
    She does not want to move away with him.

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