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A Colorful World

Quiz by Julie Jackson

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Which sentence from the selection shows a cause and effect relationship?
    The largest Crayola crayon in the world can be viewed at The Crayola Factory in Pennsylvania.
    Crayola crayons are a part of the National Toy Hall of Fame.
    Most children draw or color about 28 minutes each day.
    Children wanted more than eight crayons, so the company created more colors.
  • Q2
    What word can replace the word pigment in this sentence?
  • Q3
    The author includes headings in bold print to-
    explain why crayons are needed by children.
    show what information is in each section
    describe the steps followed to make crayons
    provide the most important uses of crayons
  • Q4
    The author writes "A Colorful World" to -
    convince parents to buy Crayola crayons
    compare Crayola crayons to other drawing tools
    provide interesting facts about Crayola crayons
    explain why Crayola crayons are popular
  • Q5
    What detail from the selection best supports the photograph?
    Children use 730 crayons during their lifetime.
    Guests at The Crayola Factory use the products.
    Visitors to the factory watch crayons being made.
    Crayons at The Crayola Factory weigh more than 1,000 pounds.
  • Q6
    Which sentence from the selection best shows that Crayola crayons are used by many people?
    Crayons are a part of school days for children
    Each color was given a special name.
    Crayola crayons are a part of the National Toy Hall of Fame.
    Crayola is the most popular brand of crayons
  • Q7
    How many colors in the top ten favorite colors were shades of blue?
  • Q8
    In what year could people first purchase a box of 80 Crayola crayons?
  • Q9
    What is the main idea of the selection?
    Crayola crayons can be enjoyed by museum visitors
    The Crayola Company has created many new and interesting colors.
    The history and uses of Crayola crayons cause them to be popular art tools.
    School children need Crayola crayons for art projects.
  • Q10
    The author titles this selection "A Colorful World" because -
    crayons help people draw things they see in their worlds.
    people around the world use Crayola crayons.
    two cousins created an new crayon in 1903.
    Crayola crayons have more colors than other companies.

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