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A Farewell to Arms: Chapters 6-7

Quiz by Stacey Hall

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    In Chapter 6, how is Lt. Henry required to dress?
    Required to wear his cape
    Required to wear his name badge
    Required to dress formally
    Required to wear his helmet and a pistol
  • Q2
    Why does Catherine argue with Lt. Henry for not contacting her for three days?
    She was being transferred and was afraid he wouldn't know.
    She was joking with him
    She was worried that something may have happened to Lt. Henry, just as it did to her fiancé
    She thought he broke up with her
  • Q3
    What card game does Lt. Henry compare his relationship with Catherine to in Chapter 6?
  • Q4
    In Chapter 7, what is wrong with the man Lt. Henry meets who is limping along the side of the road?
    He has a sprained ankle
    He has a hernia
    He has been shot
    He has a broken leg
  • Q5
    How does Lt. Henry feel when Miss Ferguson tells him that Catherine is unavailable?
    He's angry that she is busy
    He feels lost and lonely
    He's relieved
    He is confused about his feelings for her

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