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A Long Walk to Water Chapter 16-17

Quiz by Julianna Cajka

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    Which word best describes how Salva feels in America?
  • Q2
    What does Salva learn from the email he receives?
    He has been accepted to a university
    His father is in a hospital
    His American family is taking him to Sudan
  • Q3
    Why does it take so long to arrange the trip to Sudan?
    Salva does not remember where his village is because it has been such a long time
    The country is still at war, and there is limited transportation
    Salva's American family does not want him to go
  • Q4
    How does Salva find his father?
    Salva finds him using the internet
    Salva goes back to Sudan to search for him
    A cousin sees his name on a patient list
  • Q5
    What is Nya's father building?
    A school
    A well
    A house
  • Q6
    Why is Salva afraid to speak to the audience?
    He forgot what he wanted to say
    He has always been afraid to talk in front of groups
    He has to speak in English
  • Q7
    Why is Salva speaking at the school cafeteria?
    He is trying to raise money for his project
    He is planning a trip to Sudan for the students
    He is teaching the students English
  • Q8
    How does Salva's father react when he sees Salva again?
    He doesn't recognize Salva at first.
    He is angry at Salva for running into the bush instead of coming home.
    He is too sick to talk to Salva.

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