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A Plant Puzzle

Quiz by Glenzetta Hall

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Where do plants get their energy from?
    their stem
    their roots
    the moon
  • Q2
    What does the passage describe?
    how plants make food using sugar, light, and water
    how plants make food using only water and light
    how plants make food using light, water, and carbon dioxide
    how plants make food using oxygen, sugar, and soil
  • Q3
    The climate determines which plants can grow in a particular environment. What evidence from the passage best supports this conclusion?
    "A desert may grow palm trees and cacti, while a forest may grow tall pines or oak trees."
    "Each plant is a part of its unique environment. Different environments could be oceans, forests, deserts, or cities."
    "Each environment also has its own climate, which is partially based on how much sun and rain an area receives every year."
    "Since only certain plants grow in hot, cool, wet, or dry climates, each environment is made up of different types of plant life."
  • Q4
    What would happen to a plant if it grew in polluted soil?
    The plant would absorb more nutrients from the soil.
    The plant would grow faster than in clean soil.
    The plant would grow the same as in clean soil.
    The plant would not be healthy and could die.
  • Q5
    What is this passage mostly about?
    how plants grow
    energy sources
    sunlight and water
    nutrients in soil

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