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A Raisin in the Sun Act 3 Quiz

Quiz by Jamie Strange

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Beneatha wanted to do what with her life?
    Educate the Youth
    Make a Decent Living
    Cure People
  • Q2
    Asagai sees what problem with the family's current situation?
    The family only had money because someone died.
    No one wants to accept responsibility for the house.
    Walter does not think through situations.
  • Q3
    Beneatha taunts Walter about what?
    His questioning of her education.
    His lost piece of paper
    His dreams of having power
  • Q4
    At first, Mama decides what? (After Walter loses the money)
    They will move to a better apartment.
    They will not move.
    They will still move to the house.
  • Q5
    Who did Walter call?
  • Q6
    What is Mama's reaction t Walter's Plan?
    She says she has never been that dead inside.
    She is not sure this plan will work.
    She is glad he is taking control.
  • Q7
    According to Mama, when is the time to love someone?
    When a person is at his lowest
    When they are your family
  • Q8
    Mama tells Travis to stay with his dad. Why?
    She wants Travis to stay away from the movers.
    She believes Travis should not understand what happened to the money.
    She wants Walter to show his son what he is doing.
  • Q9
    What is Mr. Linder's response?
    He is happy for the family.
    He is bothered and upset.
    He understands their perspective.
  • Q10
    What final item does Mama take with her?
    Her pots and pans
    Her Plant
    Her new shoes

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