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a short monsoon diary

Quiz by Ritika bidhuri

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Put the verbs in the brackets into their proper forms. We (get out) of the school bus.
    went out
    getting out
    got out
  • Q2
    The bell (ring) and everyone (rush) to class.
    was ringing & was rushing
    was rang & wash rushed
    rang & rush
  • Q3
    I (wear) my raincoat. It (rain) and people (get) wet.
    I wore my raincoat. it was raining and people were getting wet
    i had wear my raincoat. it rained and people were getting wet.
    i was wearing my raincoat. it rained and people got wet.
  • Q4
    Complete the following . The minivets are easily noticed because ___________
    they were quiet
    of their bright colors
    they were singing
  • Q5
    What do you mean by the term " contrieve"
    pull or knock down.
    manage to do something foolish or create an undesirable situation.

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