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A traveler's adventures

Quiz by heidy flores

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  • Q1
    How does Suzanne's friend know about her trip?
    He checked on internet.
    He found an advertisement.
    He read her blog.
  • Q2
    Does Suzanne like to try new things?
    No. She's always been scared of trying anything new.
    Yes. Her sister taught to do creative things.
    Yes. She loves trying new things!
  • Q3
    What family does Suzanne have in New Zealand?
    Her sister lives in New Zealand.
    She has an aunt and uncle in New Zealand.
    She has a niece in New Zealand.
  • Q4
    What are Suzanne's photos like?
    Her photos are terrible.
    Her photos are pretty good.
    Her photos are really bad.
  • Q5
    Why are her friends surprised?
    Her friends are surprised because her photos were stolen.
    Her friends are surprised because they're always good.
    Her friends are surprised because they're usually terrible.
  • Q6
    Have Suzanne's friends traveled a lot?
    Yes, they've traveled around the world.
    Yes, they've been in 6 different countries.
    No, they haven't been out of the country.
  • Q7
    Which of these activities has Suzanne done?
    seeing rainfalls

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