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A Trip to the Emergency Room

Quiz by Monica Villanueva

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    An emergency room is a place for people who
    are sick or hurt
    want to learn
    have gotten lost
    need a place to live
  • Q2
    Who does a patient see first at an emergency room?
    a nurse
    A doctor
    An admissions worker
    a nurse's aide
  • Q3
    What does a nurse do for a patient at the emergency room?
    takes a patient's temperature
    makes casts for broken bones
    helps a patient check into a hospitaal
    take x-ray pictures
  • Q4
    How are all of the people who work in an emergency room alike?
    They drive ambulances.
    they answer telephones
    they help patients
    they write on charts
  • Q5
    What is this article mainly about
    X-ray machines
    What happens in an emergency room
    How to become a doctor
    People who drive ambulances
  • Q6
    How does the reader know that this is a nonfiction article?
    It gives facts about a real topic.
    It has a setting and a plot
    It has an author and a title.
    It tells about makebelieve events.
  • Q7
    Read this sentence. The bone will heal soon. In this sentence, the word heal means —
    he will
    get better
    part of a shoe
    stop quickly
  • Q8
    Read this sentence. The nurse informs the doctor about your problem. The word informs means about the same as —
  • Q9
    Read this sentence from the article. People are brought there if they have a serious medical problem. What does the word serious mean in this sentence?

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