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Quiz by Sergio Lozano

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    Why does the author mention the 'coffee shop', the 'Italian espresso' and the 'Algerian Waiter'?
    To mention global relationships of food and music
    To illustrate how popular culture is transmitted among countries
    To give examples of popular food all over the world
    To exemplify the impact of economic globalization
  • Q2
    From the passage "The globalization of culture follows on from the globalization of business" it can be inferred that...
    for cultures to expand, prior economic relationships are necessary .
    it is not possible to have economic globalization without cultural globalization.
    there is no clear relationship between cultural and economic expansion.
    businesses depend on how strong cultural relationships are.
  • Q3
    In paragraph 2, the word "enquiries" is closes in meaning to...
  • Q4
    Why does the author television and internet users?
    To explain how faster internet is compared to television.
    To compare the amount of users that each has nowadays.
    To illustrate how internet can connect instantly, different from television.
    To explain the difference that both media have in terms of evolution.
  • Q5
    In the first part of paragraph 3, what can be inferred about language, companies and globalization?
    If a language is powerful, it makes other languages disappear.
    People who speak English and have a lot of money do not complain about globalization.
    McDonalds and Starbucks are related to English language by some people.
    More than 30% of the world will speak English in some years
  • Q6
    Why does the author mention example of India and China?
    To illustrate how countries can be strong when globalization arrives.
    To exemplify cases of national identity loss
    To persuade cultures not to be influences by globalization
    To compare cultural globalization in two odifferent countries
  • Q7
    What's the main idea of the text?
    Impact of language on Globalization
    Disadvantages of globalization
    'Americanization' of the world
    Examples and viewpoints of Globalization

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