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A Wrinkle in Time Final Exam

Quiz by Catherine Foote

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28 questions
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  • Q1
    The book opens with
    a sunny day
    an earthquake
    a thunderstorm
    an avalanche
  • Q2
    What caused Meg’s fight in the beginning of the novel?
    Someone made fun of her father.
    Someone stole her lunch.
    Someone made fun of her brother.
    Someone called her unattractive.
  • Q3
    What is the name of the family dog?
  • Q4
    Who are the twins?
    Sandy and Dennys
    Dennys and Steven
    Meg and Sandy
    Charles Wallace and Calvin
  • Q5
    Where is Meg's bedroom?
    the attic
    the lanai
    the basement
    the first floor
  • Q6
    What do the town people think about Charles Wallace?
    he is not very intelligent
    he is a trouble maker
    he is like everyone else
    he is pure genius
  • Q7
    What is Mrs. Murry's job?
    a doctor
    A microbiologist
    a lawyer
    a science teacher
  • Q8
    Who ends up being the tramp in the beginning of the novel?
    The Black Thing
    Mrs. Which
    Mrs. Who
    Mrs. Whatsit
  • Q9
    What does the "tramp" steal in the beginning of the novel?
    two cars
    bed sheets
  • Q10
    What rumor is going around about the disappearance of Meg’s father?
    he got another job
    he was kidnapped
    he left town for another woman
    he joined the Navy
  • Q11
    How do Charles and Calvin resist being hypnotized?
    They punch the dark thing in the face.
    They close their eyes and try to fall asleep.
    They escape through a moving wall.
    They shout out nursery rhymes and the Gettysburg Address.
  • Q12
    Why can’t Charles taste the food at first like the others?
    because IT cannot get into his brain like it can with the others
    because he was served a different dinner than the others
    because he is allergic to it
    because he only likes food that his mother makes
  • Q13
    Charles waved his hand and the wall became transparent and he was able to get through it. When asked, what was his explanation?
    he asked the Happy Medium to help him
    he moved around the wall’s atoms
    he thought real hard until it opened
    he asked permission of the Black Thing
  • Q14
    Besides Mr. Murry, who else is in a little cell?
    the little girl who could not multiply
    the little boy who couldn’t bounce a ball in rhythm
    Mrs. Who
    Mrs. Whatsit
  • Q15
    How did Meg get through the column to reach her father?
    She put on Mrs. Who’s glasses.
    She chanted the Star Spangled Banner.
    She made herself small and crawled under it.
    She kept hitting a rubber ball against the wall.

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