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A1: Ch 13 MC

Quiz by Caroline Fosbenner

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  • Q1
    Employee regular earnings are calculated as
    total hours divided by regular rate
    overtime hours minus overtime rate
    regular hours times regular rate
    total hours plus overtime rate
  • Q2
    Federal income tax is withheld from employee earnings
    only in those states electing to do so
    only in states where a state income tax is levied
    in all 50 states
    in all states with over 10 million in population
  • Q3
    The withholding allowances of an employee affect
    state unemployment tax owed
    social security tax withheld
    federal income tax withheld
    federal unemployment tax owed
  • Q4
    Each employee name is listed in a payroll register along with
    withholding allowances
    marital status
    all of these
    employee number
  • Q5
    The total earnings paid to an employee after payroll taxes and other deductions is recorded in the payroll register's
    Net Pay column
    Total Earnings column
    Gross Pay column
    Total Deductions column
  • Q6
    Individual payroll checks are usually written on
    a special purposes account
    a special payroll checking account
    an employee earnings account
    a company's regular checking account
  • Q7
    A business form used to record details affecting payments made to an employee is
    a payroll journal
    a tax withholding form
    an employee accounts payable record
    an employee earnings record
  • Q8
    The Accumulated Earnings column of the employee earnings record
    is the total earnings since the first of the year
    shows net pay for the year
    shows net pay for the quarter
    is the gross earnings for one quarter

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