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A-1 People

Quiz by Amanda Long

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    Why was the doctor worried about Kem working on her feet before the baby was born?
    She might be too tired.
    She might have the baby early.
    Her legs and feet might swell.
  • Q2
    What did Baby Jane wear home from the hospital?
    a gown the hospital gave her
    a dress Perry and Jake got at the store.
    an outfit Kem took to the hospital
  • Q3
    Who helped Jane learn her colors?
    Kem and Perry
  • Q4
    Choose the word that means: a tool for checking how hot or cold your body is.
  • Q5
    Choose the word that means: having a baby growing inside your body
  • Q6
    Perry and Kem decided not to use baby talk with Jane. Which choice is an example of baby talk?
    Jane is a big girl.
    Are you Momma's little sweet baby?
    Momma wuvs her Janeypoo!
  • Q7
    How should you care for a baby with a temperature of 100.2?
    Don't worry since any temperature under 100 is normal.
    Give the baby some fever-reducing medicine and watch him or her.
    Take the baby to a doctor immediately.

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