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AAP Prep- Risk

Quiz by Jennifer Miller

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43 questions
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  • Q1
    Helps mitigate and manage credit risk. An ODFI can put these is place for all their originators before they transmit ACH entries.
    Exposure Limits
  • Q2
    Occurs when a party to a transaction cannot provide the necessary fund, as contract, in order for settlement to occur
    Credit Risk
  • Q3
    Occurs when a transaction is altered or delayed due to an unintentional error
    Operational Risk
  • Q4
    Hardware or software failure
    Operational Risk
  • Q5
    Risk that a payment transaction will be initiated or altered in an attempt to misdirect or misappropriate funds.
    Fraud Risk
  • Q6
    The risk that the failure of one financial institution can bring down other institutions as well
    Systemic Risk
  • Q7
    Defined as the risk of legal sanctions, material financial loss, or loss to reputation the Bank may suffer as a result of its failure to comply with laws, its own regulations, code of conduct, and standards of best/good practice.
    Compliance Risk
  • Q8
    Risk that occurs when an account holder's confidence in a financial institution is diminished.
    Reputation Risk
  • Q9
    The risk of adverse publicity, possibly resulting in litigation, loss of business from an incident, event or problem
    Reputation Risk
  • Q10
    Risk that occurs when fraudulent or illegal payment transactions move from one payments channel to another (e.g. check payments to ACH)
    Cross-Channel Risk
  • Q11
    Risk presented when processors, sending or receiving points, or other parties performing a function of ACH processing on behalf of a participant.
    Third-Party Risk
  • Q12
    Risk that occurs when an ODFI permits an Originator or Third-Party to use its routing number to send files directly to the ACH Operator.
    Direct Access Risk
  • Q13
    Occurs when the rate of unauthorized returns rises above a reasonable ratio, with potential loss to the ODFI
    High return rate risk
  • Q14
    Administrative return rate level
  • Q15
    15% (excluding RCK's)
    Overall return rate level

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