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About the Earth

Quiz by Berenice Angulo

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  • Q1

    What season do we have when the northern hemisphere tilts away from the sun?





  • Q2

    What is the percentage of nitrogen and oxygen in the air?

    70% Oxygen 20%Nitrogen

    20% Oxygen 70% Nitrogen

    .008% Oxygen 75% Nitrogen

    20 % Oxygen .008% Nitrogen

  • Q3

    What is the order of the earth's four main layers? (Starting from the inside out)

    1.) Inner core 2.) Outer core 3.) Mantle 4.)The crust

    1.) Inner core 2.) Mantle 3.) Outer core 4.)The crust

    1.) Outer core 2.) Inner core 3.) The crust 4.)Mantle

    1.) The crust 2.) Mantle 3.) Outer Core 4.) Inner Core

  • Q4

    What happens when the tectonic plates shift?

    Earthquakes could occur if the crustal rocks collide violently

    The crustal rocks could collide violently, resulting in earthquakes and volcano eruptions.

    Volcanoes could erupt if the earth's crust rocks collide violently.

    All of the responses

  • Q5

    What are the various systems that comprise the planet?

    Photosphere, Ionosphere, Britney Spears, Microsphere

    Hydrosphere, Heliosphere, Lithosphere, and Bathysphere

    Ozonosphere, Rhizosphere, Oosphere, Noosphere

    Geosphere, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere, and Biosphere


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