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Abraham Lincoln ( Critical Questions)

Quiz by Wafaa Yussuf

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    1-Why does the author want you to know about this topic?
    -To persuade students about American history.
    -To inform you about a great president, Abraham Lincoln was in American history.
    -To entertain readers about American history.
  • Q2
    2-Why does the author want you to know about Abraham Lincoln?
    -Because he was un known person.
    -Because helped his people a lot.
    -Because he was one of the best presidents of USA .He was honest and worked hard.
  • Q3
    3-How does the story change after page 229?
    -Noah and Maya kept fighting.
    -The conversation between Noah and Maya decreased.
    -The setting changes from a classroom in present day United States to the United States in 1800s.
  • Q4
    4-Why do Noah and Maya acted this way?
    -They always work together.
    -They are mean students.
    -Neither one wants to be responsible for tearing the map.
  • Q5
    5-Why does Miss grant mention Abraham Lincoln when she sees the torn map?
    -Because Miss Grant saw his picture next to the map.
    -The torn map reminds her that when Abraham Lincoln was president,the country was torn in two,and he worked with others to put it back together.
    -because she saw his name on the torn map.
  • Q6
    6-Why do you think people call Abraham a great president?
    -Lincoln worked to keep the country together.
    -Lincoln was very strict president.
    -Lincoln was uncooperative .

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