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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Which statement about Louis XIV is an opinion rather than a fact?
    He strengthened the monarchy by centralizing the gov't
    Wars he engaged in were the least successful in the history of France
    He insisted that Huguenots convert to Catholicism
    Palace at Versailles was part of his plan for controlling the nobles
  • Q2
    In the early 18th century, Peter the Great conquered Swedish coastal territory because he wanted to
    Eliminate feudalism from the European continent
    Obtain a port with ready access to western Europe
    Increase Russia's control of Siberia
    Spread the teachings of the Russian Orthodox Church
  • Q3
    Which change is most closely associated with Peter the Great of Russia?
    Extention of Russia's borders to the Northern Caucuses and Ukraine
    Establishment of Moscow at the capital city
    Westernization and modernization of the country
    Emancipation of serfs on private estates
  • Q4
    • King James II of England flees to France. • William and Mary ascend the English throne. • English Bill of Rights established. Which event in English history is most directly associated with these actions?
    Puritan Revolution
    Glorious Revolution
    Defeat of the Spanish Armada
    Founding of the Anglican Church
  • Q5
    Which statement would Louis XIV, Philip II, and Peter the Great most likely support?
    “The king is entitled to unquestioning obedience.”
    “People have the right to revolt against an unjust government.”
    “Parliament should represent the best interests of the people.”
    “Government should be administered by people of all beliefs.”
  • Q6
    One way in which the Indian leaders Asoka and Akbar the Great are similar is that they are both best known for promoting
    Enslavement of prisoners
    Religious Toleration
    Special taxes for Hindus
    Spread of Buddhism
  • Q7
    What caused Spanish naval superiority to decline in the 1600's and 1700's?
    Defeat of the Armada
    Cost of the American colonies
    Economic Decline
  • Q8
    One similarity in the policies of Louis XIV and of Suleiman the Magnificent is that both leaders
    Increased the power of their central governments
    Encouraged the growth of democracy
    Expanded their empires in the Americas
    Abolished the bureaucracy
  • Q9
    Who was the first Russian ruler to adopt the title Czar, meaning "Caesar?"
    Peter the Great
    Ivan the Terrible
    Michael Romanov
    Catherine the Great
  • Q10
    The Grand Embassy was
    Peter the Great's trip to Western Europe
    Peter the Great's trip to Africa
    Peter the Great's palace he built in St. Petersburg
    Ivan the Terrible's summer home on the Black Sea

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