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Absolutism thru French Revolution

Quiz by Mrs. Dickens

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60 questions
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  • Q1
    Known as the Sun King, he was an absolute monarch that completely controlled France. One of his greatest accomplishments was the building of the palace at Versailles.
    Louis XIV
  • Q2
    king of France during the French Revolution-executed for treason by the National Convention
    Louis XVI of France
  • Q3
    Italian navigator who discovered the New World in the service of Spain while looking for a route to Asia
  • Q4
    Originally, African slaves were brought to the Americas to supply labor for the
    sugarcane plantations
  • Q5
    Set the Line of Demarcation which was a boundary to define Spanish (west of line) and Portuguese (east of line) possessions in the Americas.
    Treaty of Tordesillas
  • Q6
    A voyage that brought enslaved Africans across the Atlantic Ocean to North America and the West Indies
    Middle Passage
  • Q7
    This was the first person to lead an expedition that circumnavigated the world
  • Q8
    The first permanent English settlement in North America, found in East Virginia
  • Q9
    French explorer who explored the St. Lawrence river in Canada and laid claim to the region for France
  • Q10
    King of Spain, married to Queen Mary I of England;he was the most powerful monarch in Europe until 1588 when his armada was defeated
    Phillip II
  • Q11
    he succeeded the childless Elizabeth Divine right of kings, absolutist, Abandons the parliament, and alienates the puritans
    James I of England
  • Q12
    the idea that monarchs are God's representatives on earth and are therefore answerable only to God.
    Divine Right
  • Q13
    Phillip II of Spain
    The "most Catholic king"
  • Q14
    English military, political, and religious figure who led the Parliament to victory in the English Civil War ( and called for the execution of Charles I. As lord protector of England (1653-1658) he ruled as a virtual dictator.
    Oliver Cromwell
  • Q15
    A form of government, usually hereditary monarchy, in which the ruler has no legal limits on his or her power.

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