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Accoms. and Mods.

Quiz by Diane Dunas

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What is a general term which is used to include both accommodations and modifications?
  • Q2
    What are changes that help a student overcome or work around a disability. The rigor is the same for all
  • Q3
    What are changes in the complexity of what is being taught, and reduced rigor of what is expected of the student?
  • Q4
    Why do you need to especially be aware of using modifications for curriculum?
    This will put the student on to a path for a Modified Diploma
    Just treat all kids the same
    It will embarrass the student if their curriculum is modified
    It means a student will not get a diploma
  • Q5
    Which of these is not an accommodation
    Noise cancelling headphones
    Preferential seating
    Giving an assignment that is easier content
    Answering every other question
  • Q6
    When using accommodations in the classroom, where else should these accommodations be used?
    PE Class
    State Testing
    Walking home
    It's up to the teacher
  • Q7
    What students are allowed to have accommodations
    Gen. Ed. students
    Students on 504s
    Students with disabilities
    All of the above
  • Q8
    Why is it important to follow the IEP for accommodations and modifications?
    If there was a complaint filed, we would want to make sure the IEP was fulfilled
    All of the above
    Staff are required to carry out the IEP team's recommendation
    It's best for kids
  • Q9
    If you feel a student needs a different accommodation or doesn't need one, what should you do?
    Change your instruction accordingly
    Call parent to tell them of your change
    Ask student if it's OK with them
    Talk to the IEP team
  • Q10
    Which statement is false?
    Assistive Technology can be "no", "low" or "high" tech
    Students at age 14 need to have Transition goals on their IEP
    Most student with Learning Disabilities have below average intelligence
    504s are for students with medical issues

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