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12 questions
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  • Q1

    How long should a branch huddle be?

    5-10 minutes

    All day

    30-35 minutes

    55-60 minutes

  • Q2

    Which is NOT a step in the branch huddle?

    Introduce the bank topic and extract referrals

    Which CPAs they partner with

    Introduce and credential yourself

    Updates on Paychex, our partnership and/or referrals

  • Q3

    It is important that during a huddle we do NOT talk about what referrals would be good opportunities for us

    True or False
  • Q4

    What is the biggest difference between the first bank meeting and the subsequent bank meeting?

    We don't need to follow the steps of the bank meeting in the subsequent meeting

    We should be asking for referrals during the subsequent meeting

    We don't need to meet with the branch manager again after the first meeting

    We should be including bank tellers in the subsequent meeting

  • Q5

    Which is NOT a bank activity covered during cohort?

    Bank partner roleplays

    Partner days



  • Q6

    What is a 3x3?

    Your banker shares 3 of their clients with you, and you share 3 of your clients with your banker

    Your banker tells you 3 things about their bank, and you share 3 things about Paychex

    Your banker brings 3 tellers into your meeting, and you bring in 3 internal partners to talk about their services

    Your banker does a performance review on you, and you do a performance review on your banker

  • Q7

    What does it mean to work inside a bank?

    We are the food and drink provider for the day

    We present bank products to people who walk into the bank

    We are available at the bank to support business owners who need payroll and HR

    We shadow the tellers to see a day in the life

  • Q8

    Which is a benefit of working in the bank?

    Manage your daily activity at the same time

    Visible to bank employees to stay top of mind

    Visible to business owners who need your services

    All of the above

  • Q9

    What is a partner day?

    Taking your bank partner on a ride alone

    Attracting business owners at the bank by setting up a brand table

    A day where you take everybody at the branch to lunch

    Working the tellers to share each others day to day

  • Q10

    We don't partner with business bankers

    True or False
  • Q11

    Which is NOT a reason we partner with business bankers?

    They have a network of business clients 

    They work primarily with our major market segment

    They are a trusted advisor to business owners

    New businesses start with banks

  • Q12

    If you meet with a prospect that was referred from your bank and they are interested in hearing about merchant services, do you refer that to Paychex or to the bank?

    The bank



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