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6 questions
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  • Q1

    AP1 applicable to all Jabatan Standard Malaysia Scheme - ACB, SAMM, MIBAS, MyPTP, MyV&V, PHLAS 

    True or False
  • Q2

    Effective date of using AP1: Policy on the use of accreditation symbol and reference to accreditation, issue 2, 29th August 2023

    1st January 2024

    1st July 2024

    1st July 2020

    1st January 2025

  • Q3

    New symbol according AP1, issue 2, 28th August 2023 except?

    Answer Image
    Answer Image
    Answer Image
    Answer Image
  • Q4

    Major changes in AP1 Issue 2 as below except

    No change of accreditation number for certification bodies

    Added info and figure of Combined IAF MLA Mark

    Revised information onapplication for the use Combined ILAC MRA / IAF MRA Mark

    Combine SAMM medical testing with SAMM testing and calibration

    Add figure of the position of Combined ILAC MRA Mark

    Add statement 'and/or combined ILAC MRA/IAF MLA Mark'

  • Q5

    'Accredited CABs are encouraged to issue the reports or certificates bearing the accreditation symbol when it comes under the scope of accreditation. Only reports or certificates bearing the accreditation symbol can benefit fully from the recognition that the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation Mutual Recognition Arrangement (ILAC MRA) / International Accreditation Forum Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (IAF MLA) and its regional counterparts bring'

    True or False
  • Q6

    Definition of accreditation symbol

    Body that performs conformity assessment activities, excluding accreditation

    Symbol issued by an accreditation body to be used by accredited conformity assessment bodies to indicate they are accredited

    Symbol issued by Standards Malaysia to be used by an accredited CAB to

    indicate that they are accredited under the Standards Malaysia’s accreditation schemes

    Logo used by Standards Malaysia to identify itself


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