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Acct. 1-Quiz Chapter 16

Quiz by Teresa

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    Journals that have amount columns for recording debits and credits to specific general ledger accounts are called:
    Special Journals
  • Q2
    A special journal used to record only the sale of merchandise on account.
    Sales Journal
  • Q3
    A column total written in small penciled figures is called:
  • Q4
    A special journal used to record all transactions in which cash is received.
    Cash Receipts Journal
  • Q5
    A list of each charge customer, the balance in the customer's account, and the total amount due from all its customers is called:
    Schedule of Accounts Receivable
  • Q6
    Special journals simplify the ___________process, especially when there is a large volume of transactions
    journalizing and posting
  • Q7
    The four things must be done at the month-end to complete the sales journal are foot, prove, total and _______.
  • Q8
    Individual amounts are posted from the General Credit column ___________.
  • Q9
    The ________ column total in the cash receipts journal is not posted.
    General Credit
  • Q10
    The Accounts Receivable Subsidiary ledger is proved by comparing the Schedule of Accounts Receivable total to the __________.
    controlling account
  • Q11
    A check mark next to a transaction entered in the sales journal indicates that the transaction has been posted to the ____________________subsidiary ledger.
    accounts receivable
  • Q12
    A journal amount column that is not headed with an account name is called a___________.
    general amount column.
  • Q13
    The ________ are more likely to use special journals.
    larger company
  • Q14
    The sales journal is used to record all sales of merchandise _________.
    on account
  • Q15
    The cash receipts journal is used to record all__________.
    cash receipts

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