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37 questions
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  • Q1
    How does wearing proper clothing during physical activity increase participation?
    Keeps body temperature regulated
    feels comfortable while exercising
    Allows full range of motion
    All of the above
  • Q2
    What part of a racket swing helps improve the chances of hitting the object to a target
    Question Image
    Keeping the elbow bent
    Pulling the racket backwards
    Following through with the swing
    Snapping the wrist
  • Q3
    When lifting weights, choosing to lift heavier or lighter weights is an example of which component of the FITT principle?
    Question Image
  • Q4
    When this sign is placed near a pool or a body of water that is used to swim, it means ---
    Question Image
    the pool is currently closed
    no swimming allowed
    no diving in the water
    the water is too wavy to swim
  • Q5
    When punting a ball, a person should --
    Question Image
    toss the ball into the air over their kicking foot
    step once with their non-kicking foot and then kick
    follow through with their kicking leg below the waistline
    contact the ball with the side of their foot
  • Q6
    When a Physical Education student stands with feet hip - to shoulder - width apart, the student is demonstrating which aspect of the ready position?
    Question Image
    Lowered center of gravity
    Flexibility stance
    Wide base of support
    Agility stance
  • Q7
    A student sets a goal to increase the PACER laps they can complete from 18 to 45 by the end of the year. The first step in planning this long-term goal is to ---
    list short-term goals to check progress
    start running after school every day
    find a gym to start working out at
    ask friends what their fitness goals are
  • Q8
    Jeff is a good basketball player and has played the whole game so far. The teacher notices he is scoring all the points and decides to substitute another player in to finish the game. Jeff should---
    cheer his team on from the bench until the game ends
    ask the teacher to put her back in to score more
    tell the teacher that the team needs him to play
    leave the bench since she is not going to play anymore
  • Q9
    Centers of Disease Control (CDC) Physical Activity Recommendations to Improve Health: 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA)Daily minimum of 3 days per week Includes cardiovascular endurance and body-resistance SAMANTHA'S FITNESS LOG Day Activity Time SUNDAY Bowling. 30MIN MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY. Jogging. 60MIN THURSDAY FRIDAY. Lifting Weights. 60MIN SATURDAY. Stretching. 20MIN ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Samantha has set a goal to improve her overall health. Based on the CDC recommendations shown, which activity will most benefit Samantha to add MVPA to her Fitness Log?
    Cup stacking for 60 minutes
    Soccer practice for 60 minutes
    Walking for 30 minutes
    Playing Golf for 30 minutes
  • Q10
    The teacher introduces a new game in Physical Education class. Once they start, the students find the game to be confusing and hard to play. Which event shows the BEST response?
    Call a timeout and ask the teacher to explain the game again
    Pause the game to ask questions every time something is wrong
    Tell the teacher they want to play a different game instead
    Wait until after the game and tell the teacher they are confused
  • Q11
    What is the BEST way to prevent heat cramps while playing outside?
    Question Image
    Staying well-hydrated
    Wearing long-sleeved clothing
    Stretching daily
    Staying in the shade
  • Q12
    Kevin needs a healthy after-school snack. Which snack provides the most carbohydrates and protein?
    Question Image
    Pickle, glass of water
    Snack pack of cookies, 8 oz. sports drink
    Peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread
    Apple, 4 oz. juice box
  • Q13
    When demonstrating a broad jump, a person's arms should ---
    Question Image
    hang down to their sides
    swing back and forth by the hips
    start in front of their chest
    swing up above their head
  • Q14
    Tony wants to play outside, but the weather forecast calls for extreme heat. What is the BEST way to monitor the weather conditions?
    Question Image
    Feeling the ground
    Watching the skies
    Using a temperature gauge
    Touching something metal
  • Q15
    EXERCISE. 10LB. WEIGHT ROUND 1. 18 TIMES ROUND 2. 15 TIMES ROUND 3. 14 TIMES ROUND 4. 10 TIMES Leon curled a 10lb (pound) weight as many times as he could in a row, took a break, and then repeated it until he completed 4 ROUNDS as shown in the table above. Each round is called a ---

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