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Quiz by andy motilal

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following revolutionized the process of realistic acting as well as the training of actors?
    Henrik Ibsen
    Constantin Stanislavski
  • Q2
    In the Stanislavski system, what is referred to as the extent or range of an actor's concentration?
    the circle of attention
    the inner truth
    the magic "if"
    the given circumstances
  • Q3
    In the Stanislavsky system, what is referred to as the internal or subjective world of characters?
    the magic "if"
    the circle of attention
    the given circumstances
    the inner truth
  • Q4
    Which of the following best describes the "superobjective
    what the actor wants above all else in the play
    What the antagonist wants that causes conflict
    what the character wants above all else in the play
    what the director wants above all else in the play
  • Q5
    The way of bringing everything together and allowing the performer to eliminate any blocks that impede the body or voice is known as
  • Q6
    When an actor gets a part, what is the first task in the acting process?
    to memorize the lines
    to work on the characters outer aspects
    to find a costume
    to read and analyze the script
  • Q7
    What are two common forms of acting in daily life?
    Rehearsing and observation
    hot seating and mockery
    Imitation and role play
    Miming and mirroring

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