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Active Crime Response

Quiz by Seth L Hall

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    What is an active crime?
    Any crime
    A crime which can be queued
    A crime which involves harm to others
    A crime which is occurring at the moment the call is made
  • Q2
    When must you respond to an active crime?
    When other calls are cleared
    In a reasonable amount of time
    When available
  • Q3
    What information should you get from dispatch?
    Weapons or hazards on scene
    All of these
    Descriptions of people involved
  • Q4
    You may disregard all traffic rules when responding to an emergency call.
  • Q5
    In what order must you carry out your actions when responding to an active crime?
    Arrive, eliminate threats, investigate, secure the scene
    Arrive, secure the scene, eliminate threats, investigate
    Arrive, investigate, secure the scene, eliminate threats
    Arrive, eliminate threats, secure the scene, investigate
  • Q6
    All people at an active crime scene fall into four categories. What are those?
    Offender, suspect, victim, witness
    Suspect, victim, witness, bystander
    Victim, suspect, known, unknown
    Offender, victim, witness, non-involved
  • Q7
    You arrive on scene to an active shooter. As you enter the property, you find several wounded people on the floor begging for help. You can hear shots and screams at the rear of the building. What should you do first?
    Investigate the cause
    Evacuate the wounded
    Eliminate the threat
    Gather information from witnesses

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