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Activity 3. Read the story and answer the questions that follow.

Quiz by Nellie Santiago

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    1. What did Lynn remember when she woke up?

    Question Image

    She was in the city.

    She was in her country.

    She was in her house.

  • Q2

    2. Has Lynn ever spent a night before in the city?

    Question Image




  • Q3

    3. Where did Lynn imagine the cars and jeeps going?

    Question Image

    heading to the city

    heading towards the house

    heading towards her

  • Q4

    4. Where did the roaring sound come from?

    Question Image

    a bulldozer

    a street sweeper

    a cement mixer

  • Q5

    5. How did she know the time?

    Question Image

    from the big clock

    from the position of the sun

    from the radio

  • Q6

    6. Why did Lynn wake up with a stun?

    Question Image

    She had a dream.

    She felt she was in a strange place.

    She was afraid.

  • Q7

    7. What did she do when she woke up?

    Question Image

    She washed her face.

    She lay still and listened.

    She ran out to play.

  • Q8

    8. What did Lynn hear passing in front of the house?

    Question Image

    buses and trains

    streetcars and carts

    cars and jeepneys

  • Q9

    9. Where did she hear the clattering of the pans?

    Question Image

    from the living room

    from the kitchen

    from the streets

  • Q10

    10. Did Lynn fall asleep again?

    Question Image





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