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Adams' Presidency

Quiz by John Frieser

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  • Q1
    Which constitutional amendment did the Sedition Act violate?
    8th amendment - no cruel or unusual punishment
    4th amendment - right to be protected from illegal searches
    1st amendment - freedom of speech / press
    2nd amendment - right to bear arms
  • Q2
    The Alien and Sedition Acts showed that the US government had
    always treated immigrants fairly
    effectively protected civil liberties for all citizens
    restricted the civil liberties during a time of crisis
  • Q3
    In response to the Alien and Sedition Acts, the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions claimed that states had the power of
  • Q4
    The Alien and Sedition Acts and the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions reflected the conflict between
    state's rights and federal supremacy
    Congress and the President
    civilians and the military
    The Senate and the Supreme Court
  • Q5
    The doctrine of nullification (proposed in the KY and VA Resolutions) claims that
    the President can overturn a congressional decision
    the federal government can ignore a state law
    The Supreme Court can rule a law unconstitutional
    states can ignore a federal law they believe is unconstitutional

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