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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What does adaptation mean?
    Animals and plants decide to change their habitats
    Animals and plants like their habitats
    Animals and plants learn to thrive in their habitats
    Animal and plant species develop characteristics over time which help them survive their habitats
  • Q2
    What adaptation do sharks and penguins share?
    They both have fins for swimming
    They both have streamlined bodies for swimming
    They both have feathers for warmth
    They both have gills for breathing under water
  • Q3
    Zebras live in large herds in a grassland habitat. How does a striped coat help them survive this habitat?
    The stripes are useful as camouflage
    The white stripes help a zebra's fur trap the sun's warmth
    The stripes make the zebras easy to spot for predators
    The stripes help the zebras to cool down at night
  • Q4
    Many mammals living in the Arctic have fur which changes in what way over the course of the year?
    It changes colour in the winter
    It grows thicker in the summer months
    It becomes white in the late spring
    It completely falls out in the summer
  • Q5
    Woodlands can be very dark. What do woodland plants often have so they can survive with less light?
    Pale green leaves
    Large flat leaves
    No leaves
    Thin spiky leaves
  • Q6
    Which of these features protects seaweed from being damaged by powerful waves?
    Seaweed's slimy texture
    Seaweed's nutritional value
    Seaweed's toughness and flexibility
    Seaweed's green colour
  • Q7
    Which adaptations in camels do <B>not</B> protect them from their sandy habitat?
    Bushy eyebrows
    Nostrils which can close
    A long neck
    A double row of long eyelashes
  • Q8
    Cacti have adapted to live in some of the driest habitats on earth. Which of the following characteristics helps the cactus survive with little rainfall?
    Colourful flowers
    Green bark
    Large leaves
    A shallow, widespread root system
  • Q9
    Fawns (baby deer) have spotted coats. This adaptation is suited to which habitat?
    The seashore
  • Q10
    Many woodland birds have adapted short wings. What advantage does this give them?
    Short wings keep birds cooler in the summer
    Short wings help birds fly between trees
    Short wings help birds find more food
    Short wings help birds fly quietly

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