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Add and subtract decimals word problems

Quiz by Sandy frobel

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  • Q1
    Jenny has $45.75 in her bank account. She deposits $20.25 more but then withdraws $15.50. How much money does she have now?
  • Q2
    If Mark ran 5.5 miles on Monday and 4.75 miles on Tuesday, how many miles did he run in total?
    11.25 miles
    10.25 miles
    10.75 miles
    9.25 miles
  • Q3
    Sara bought 3.5 pounds of apples and 2.25 pounds of bananas. If she used 1.75 pounds of apples to make a pie, how many pounds of fruit does she have left?
    6.0 pounds
    3.0 pounds
    5.0 pounds
    4.0 pounds
  • Q4
    Liam has $35.60 in his wallet. He spends $15.45 on a book and $9.80 on a lunch. How much money does he have left?
  • Q5
    Nina made a fruit punch by mixing 3.25 liters of orange juice with 2.75 liters of pineapple juice. If she served 1.5 liters of the punch at a party, how many liters of punch does she have left?
    4.0 liters
    5.0 liters
    5.5 liters
    4.5 liters
  • Q6
    Kevin found a coupon for $2.35 off his total grocery bill and another coupon for $1.25 off any bakery item. If he used both coupons and his final bill was $23.40, how much was his original bill before using the coupons?
  • Q7
    Emily saved $4.50 in January and $5.75 in February. If she spent $3.25 on a book in March, how much money does she have saved now?
  • Q8
    Tony had $50.00 to spend on school supplies. After buying notebooks for $12.75 and pencils for $3.45, how much money does Tony have left?
  • Q9
    Maria had 7.3 liters of water in her jug. She used 2.5 liters to water the plants and 1.6 liters for cooking. How many liters of water does she have left in the jug?
    4.2 liters
    2.8 liters
    3.5 liters
    3.2 liters

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