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adding integers

Quiz by Jonathan Weiss

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  • Q1
    Positive number
    a plus sign
    a number greater than zero
    a number less than zero
  • Q2
    Negative Number
    a number less than zero
  • Q3
    Opposite Numbers
    numbers that are the same distance from zero in the opposite direction (example; 9 and -9)
  • Q4
    All of the whole numbers and all of their opposites on the negative number line including zero
  • Q5
    Absolute Value
    size of a number with or without the negative sign
  • Q6
    Rule of Integer Addition - Same Signs
    If the signs are the same, pretend the signs aren't there. Add the numbers and then put the sign in front of your answer
  • Q7
    Rule of Integer Addition - Different Signs
    If the signs are different pretend the signs aren't there. Subtract the smaller from the larger one and put the sign of the one with the larger absolute value in front of your answer.

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