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Addition Word Problems Using Rational Numbers

Quiz by Meghan Brandstetter

Grade 7
Common Core

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Grade 7
Common Core


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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Alice had (-$17) in her bank account. She added the $64.27 she earned that week. Then, she spent $54.50 on a new game. How much money is in her account now?
  • Q2
    Four people participating in an aerobics class lost a total of 35 pounds. If person A lost 5 pounds, person B lost 8 pounds, and person C lost 10 pounds, how many pounds did person D lose?
  • Q3
    You begin a hike in Death Valley, California, at an elevation of (-86) meters. You hike to a point of elevation at 45 meters. How many meters did you hike?
    41 meters
    131 meters
    113 meters
    45 meters
  • Q4
    You have 8 cups of flour. A recipe calls for 2/3 cup of flour. Another recipe calls for 1/4 cup of flour. How much flour do you have left after making the recipes?
    6 and 1/12
    7and 1/12
    1 and 11/12
  • Q5
    Before a race, you start 4.625 feet behind your friend. At the halfway point, you are 3.6 feet ahead of your friend. What is the change in distance between you and your friend from the beginning of the race?
    8.225 feet
    7.25 feet
    1.025 feet
    4.1125 feet

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