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ADED 415 Quiz

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  • Q1
    A process by which instructors build on a student's previous experience or knowledge by adding in specific timely support structures in the form of activities or assignments for students to master new knowledge or skills and achieve learning goals (Greening, 1998, Hmelo-Silver 2007)
  • Q2
    The process of measuring a student's learning at the conclusion of a course (or a portion of the course)
    Summative Assessment
  • Q3
    a framework to improve and optimize teaching and learning for all people based on scientific insights into how humans learn. Designing a course according to UDL principles is centered on the key concepts of: engagement, representation, and action & expression. These are sometimes summarized as the Why, What and How of learning (Murawski & Scott 2019, Tobin 2018,
    Universal Design for Learning
  • Q4
    Thinking or having an awareness of one's cognitive processes.
  • Q5
    A platform that enables instructors to organize and distribute course materials in a digital format
    Learning Management System
  • Q6
    The process of providing feedback to students during the learning process
    Formative Assessment

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