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Adjectives 01

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    The road comprised large houses and a tiny shop.
    houses, shop
    comprised, and
    large, tiny
    road, large
  • Q2
    The old book had lost its original cover long ago.
    The, its
    book, cover
    lost, long
    old, original
  • Q3
    The long transporter delivered the new car today.
    The, the
    delivered, today
    transporter, car
    long, new
  • Q4
    This bag is heavy but that bag is light.
    bag, bag
    This, that
    heavy, light
    is, is
  • Q5
    That chair is wooden but this chair is plastic.
    That, this
    is, is
    wooden, plastic
    chair, chair
  • Q6
    The quick brown fox jumped over the slow white dog.
    The, fox, the, dog
    The, jumped, over, the
    jumped, over, the, dog
    quick, brown, slow, white
  • Q7
    A small grey mouse frightened the timid little child.
    mouse, frightened, the, child
    A, the, timid, child
    small, grey, timid, little
    A, mouse, the, child
  • Q8
    The colourful bird perched on the highest leafy branch.
    The, the, branch
    perched, on, highest
    colourful, highest, leafy
    bird, perched, branch
  • Q9
    An interesting article appeared in our local newspaper.
    in, our
    interesting, local
    An, our
    article, newspaper
  • Q10
    Cheap biscuits are good but expensive ones are better.
    biscuits, are, ones, are
    biscuits, but, are, better
    are, good, are, better
    Cheap, good, expensive, better

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