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Adjectives - School Subjects - English

Quiz by Andrina Rovis-Hermann

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    I like to do PE because it is healthy.
    Saya suka melakukan pendidikan jasmani karena sehat.
  • Q2
    I hate maths because it is hard.
    Saya benci mathematika karena sulit.
  • Q3
    I like to go on the beach walk a lot because it is exciting.
    Saya suka sekali pergi jalan pantai karena asyik!
  • Q4
    I also like to study geography because it is interesting.
    Saya suka juga belajar geografi karena menarik.
  • Q5
    I like to study English the most because it is important.
    Saya paling suka belajar Bahasa Inggris karena penting.
  • Q6
    I prefer to study science rather than history.
    Saya lebih suka belajar ilmu daripada sejarah.
  • Q7
    I don't like to go to assemblies because they are boring.
    Saya tidak suka pergi kumpulan karena membosankan.
  • Q8
    I want to go to recess because it is fun.
    Saya mau pergi waktu istirahat karena menyenangkan.
  • Q9
    I like to do daily fitness because it is great.
    Saya suka melakukan senan pagi karena hebat.
  • Q10
    I don't like to study spelling becasue it is yucky.
    Saya tidak suka belajar ejaan karena buruk.
  • Q11
    I like to do computers a lot because I'm good at it.
    Saya suka sekali melakukan computer karena saya pandai.
  • Q12
    I don't like to study Indonesian becasue I'm not good at it.
    Saya tidak suka belajar Bahasa Indonesian karena saya tidak pintar.

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