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Adobe Illustrator Quiz 1

Quiz by Alexander Ouchtomsky

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    What is the difference between a fill and a stroke?

    a) A fill is the main colour that covers the majority of the shape. The stroke is the outside line around it.

    b) A fill is the outside line around the shape and the stroke is the main colour inside it. 

  • Q2

    What is the name of the workspace we are using in Adobe Illustrator?

    a) Essentials Classic

    b) Essentials

  • Q3

    What does the 'Selection Tool' (White Arrow) allow you to do in Adobe Illustrator?

    a) It allows you to select segments of strokes to delete little bits rather than whole shapes. 

    b) It allows you to delete whole shapes. 

  • Q4

    What tool would you use if you wanted to select an object, copy it, and then rotate it? 

    a) The Selection Tool (Black Arrow) 

    b) The Copy and Rotate Tool (Swirl Arrow)

  • Q5

    What is the correct stroke width in Adobe Illustrator for a vector cut on the laser cutter?

    c) 1 mm

    b) 0.1 mm

    a) 0.001 mm

  • Q6

    What was the name of the Repeat pattern we used for the first Illustrator Activity that allowed us to create multiple copies of a shape in a circular pattern? 

    c) Ravioli revolver 

    b) Radius Tool

    a) Radial 

  • Q7

    If you can't see your Layers which Menu can you find and show them in?

    a). Object

    c). View

    b). Window

  • Q8

    If you need to create a shape at an exact size how can you do this? 

    b) Open the Transform Panel (Window > Transform) and directly type in your dimensions for the length and width. 

    c) Both answers are correct. 

    a) Left click the shape you want for example circle from the Tool Bar then click once on the Canvas to bring up the length and width window options. 

  • Q9

    What is the primary difference between the pencil and the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator?

    c) The pencil tool automatically smooths lines, while the pen tool allows for more precise control over anchor points and curves.

    a) The pen tool is used for freehand drawing, while the pencil tool is used for creating precise paths.

    d) The pen tool can only draw open paths, while the pencil tool can create closed shapes.

    b) The pen tool creates straight lines, while the pencil tool allows for curved and freeform drawing.

  • Q10

    Why would you want to use the Pathfinder Window in Adobe Illustrator

    a) To create unique shapes and designs which can be united together.

    b) To locate lost paths on your canvas. 


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