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Adventure Island

Quiz by Raneen Wardy

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the purpose of this reading?
    To encourage people not to do dangerous sports
    To talk about the world's best volcano and land driver
    To explain what volcano surfing and land diving are
    To compare Vanutau with other islands in the South Pacific
  • Q2
    In line 2, what does 'Those' refer to?
  • Q3
    Which sentence about Vanutau is NOT true?
    It is a small nation in South Pacific
    It is famous for a sport called volcano diving
    It has more than one active volcano
    It is where bungee jumping began
  • Q4
    Which sentence is true about Mount Yasur
    It is no longer active
    It is more than 1000 meters high
    People have been climbing it for a long time
    It's on Pentecost Island
  • Q5
    Which sentence is true about land diving?
    It was first called 'bungee jumping'
    It came to Vanutau from another country
    It is less popular today that in the past
    It is a traditional activity in Vanutau
  • Q6
    In line 21, what does 'the earth' mean?
    The world
    The people
    The ground
    The tower
  • Q7
    How are volcano surfing and land diving similar?
    They are both old sports
    Both men and women do them
    They are both extreme activities
    they are both done on Tanna sland

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