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11 questions
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  • Q1
    His poetry is __________________ by the music and poetry of Jamaica.
    strong influenced
    strongly influenced
    an strong influence
  • Q2
    It's _____________________ today.
    It's terribly cold
    terrible and cold
    It's terrible cold
  • Q3
    The painting is ______________________
    incredibly expensive
    incredible and expensive
    incredible expensive
  • Q4
    The examination was _____________________________
    amazing and difficult
    amazingly difficult
    amazing difficult
  • Q5
    Although the new restaurant is in the city centre,it's ________________________
    reasonably cheap
    reasonable and cheap
    reasonable cheap
  • Q6
    The math class is usually noisy but today the students were_____________________
    absolute quiet
    absolutely quiet
    absolute and quiet
  • Q7
    The student ate the dish of shrimps and the next day he was _____________________
    extreme ill
    extreme and ill
    extremely ill
  • Q8
    After the storm the roof of the gym was ______________________
    badly damaged
    bad damaged
    bad and damaged
  • Q9
    After the renovation work the house was only _________________________
    slightly chaged
    slight changed
    a slight chaged
  • Q10
    I am _____________________ but I have left my homework on the bus.
    terrible sorry
    terribly sorry
    terrible and sorry
  • Q11
    Britain is one of the most _____________________ countries in the world.
    culturally diverse
    a diverse culture
    cultural and diverse

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