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advertising test

Quiz by Muna faraj

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29 questions
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  • Q1
    with full strength
    in full force
  • Q2
    firstly / to be thought about first
    in the first place
  • Q3
    a series of related advertisements focusing on a common theme, slogan, and set of advertising appeals
    advertising campaign
  • Q4
    the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media in a variety of forms
    media literacy
  • Q5
    the technical means of media production, print, electronic, digital media
    media production
  • Q6
    Words with strong connotations; words that intensify the emotional effect
    persuasive devices
  • Q7
    consists of two or more words used together as a single noun
    compound noun
  • Q8
    discovery, organization, analysis, synthesis, clarification
    critical analysis skills
  • Q9
    an element of the creative mix compromising what the company plans to say in its advertisements and how it plans to say it - verbally or nonverbally
    advertising messages
  • Q10
    A demonstration designed to show a channel partner's customers how products work and answer any questions they might have.
    product demonstrations
  • Q11
    contribution to the welfare or well-being in a given community
    social value
  • Q12
    Attachment by consumers to particular goods and services (also known as brand loyalty).
    consumer loyalty
  • Q13
    Business activity results in higher levels of economic growth and wealth
    wealth creation
  • Q14
    a society in which the buying and selling of goods and services is the most important social and economic activity.
    consumer society
  • Q15
    the group of people at whom advertisements are aimed
    target audience

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