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1.2 Colonial Influences

Quiz by Alexandra Lee

Grade 7
Social Studies
Florida Standards

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Grade 7
Social Studies
Florida Standards


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  • Q1
    Which idea is from the Magna Carta?
    The government should have unlimited power to tax
    The government should give people a fair and speedy trial.
    The people should be completely free from the government
    The people should support a strong central government
  • Q2
    The conversation below concerns lawmaking. Which colonial principle is being discussed?
    Question Image
    natural rights
    social contract
    limited monarchy
  • Q3
    Below is a timeline. Which writing encourages the action demonstrated in the timeline?
    Question Image
    Articles of Confederation
    Common Sense
    U.S. Constitution
    Mayflower Compact
  • Q4
    The statements below are from the English Bill of Rights, 1689. Which purpose of government can be traced to these statements?
    Question Image
    ensure domestic tranquility
    provide for the common defense
    promote the general welfare
    establish justice
  • Q5
    The passage below was written by Thomas Paine in his 1776 pamphlet, "Common Sense". Based on this passage, how is the author's view reflected in the US political system?
    Question Image
    representatives are appointed
    the monarchy supports self-government
    the monarchy creates limited government
    representatives are elected

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