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Africa Reassessment Practice

Quiz by Holly Ray

Grade 6
Social Studies (2018)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    For their natural resources
    Why did European countries colonize Africa?
  • Q2
    genocide (killing) of Tutsis
    When Belgian rulers put both Hutus and Tutsis in the same country but gave the Tutsis more power, what was the result?
  • Q3
    The idea that people of African descent around the world should work together for their freedom is known as:
  • Q4
    In South Africa, due to the official policy called___________, black families were required to move to poor rural areas.
  • Q5
    Sahara Desert
    What land form caused the Bantu to move South rather than North?
  • Q6
    The Europeans forced their language and religion on their African subjects
    How did European colonization change Africa ?
  • Q7
    The demand for salt became so great among Africans, that they traded what natural resource?
  • Q8
    because gangs steal them and trade them for guns
    Why are diamonds associated with conflict or violence in some parts of Africa?
  • Q9
    It has provided mining jobs in central Africa but both children and adults work in dangerous conditions to mine the cobalt
    How has the world's desire for better batteries affected people in central Africa?

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