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Age of Exploration

Quiz by Chris Griffin

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    Which two European countries were the first to claim land in the Americas?
    Spain & Portugal
    Spain & France
    Spain & Netherlands
    Spain & England
  • Q2
    Which type of ship enabled voyages of discovery to take place from Europe?
    Question Image
  • Q3
    What was the technology that Spain used to defeat the Aztec and Inca armies?
    steam power
    iron weapons
  • Q4
    Why were Europeans in search of ocean routes?
    Land routes were dangerous and costly
    Sea travel was the only way to reach Africa
    Land routes were controlled by Asian traders
    Land travel was convenient
  • Q5
    European voyages of discovery resulted from the advances and inventions from the:
    Question Image
    Reign of Terror
    Hellenistic Age
    American Revolution
    Scientific Revolution
  • Q6
    What did Europeans hope to find by exploring Africa?
    Question Image
    New ocean routes
    Silk and other textiles
    Gold and other riches
    Cinnamon and other spices
  • Q7
    Which explorer was the first to sail completely around Africa and establish an all-water route to Asia?
    Vasco da Gama
    Bartolomeu Dias
    Christopher Columbus
    Ferdinand Magellan
  • Q8
    Which explorer is credited with having completed the first circumnavigation of Earth?
    Christopher Columbus
    Amelia Earhart
    Francisco Pizarro
    Ferdinand Magellan
  • Q9
    The Age of Exploration was a direct result of the following events:
    Muslims controlling the Silk Road
    All of these
    Desire for more products from Asia
    To avoid higher prices
  • Q10
    Which one of these is NOT one of the 3G's of exploration?
  • Q11
    The transfer of goods between the Americas and Europe was known as the:
    Question Image
    European Union
    Columbian Exchange
  • Q12
    Which of the following is the BEST reason why European explorers conquered regions of the Americas?
    They wished to stop the spread of Islam
    They were at war with South American cultures
    They were searching for more wealth
    They wanted to use South Americans for slave labor
  • Q13
    How could a colony increase the wealth of the ruling country?
    by encouraging more exploration
    by bringing more people into the country
    by preventing new trade routes
    by providing new markets that could only trade with the ruling country
  • Q14
    Under mercantilism, what did a colony supply to the ruling country?
    Question Image
    religious converts
    finished products
    new European citizens
    raw materials
  • Q15
    Why did European colonists force Native Americans to work for them?
    Question Image
    they hoped to learn from Native Americans
    they needed the labor
    they wanted to anger Native Americans
    they did not know how to farm

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