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Quiz by Ashlei Rios

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    The Age of Jackson is also known as -
    Early Republic Era
    Common Man Era
    Manifest Destiny
    Era of Good Feelings
  • Q2
    During the Age of Jackson, power was no longer in the hands of the -
    lower class
    middle class
    upper class
  • Q3
    In the 1820's the Democratic - Republican party split into which of the following?
    the Democratic - Republicans did not split
    Patriots, Loyalists
    Republicans, Whigs
    Democrats, Whigs
  • Q4
    What helped Andrew Jackson win the election of 1828?
    becoming a war hero in Battle of New Orleans
    nobody ran against him
    expansion of voting rights
    promising to kill the bank
  • Q5
    When voting rights expanded, what happened to the percentage of voter turnout?

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