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Age of Oil

Quiz by Jerry Nelson

Grade 7
Social Studies
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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37 questions
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  • Q1
    automobile industry, railroads and roads, and highways
    What other industries flourished in Texas following the discovery of oil?
  • Q2
    It devastated or hurt the economy and made them miss out on the oil boom.
    How did the hurricane of 1900 change the economy of Galveston?
  • Q3
    Improved the standard of living in Texas
    Social impact of Industrialization during the Oil Boom
  • Q4
    Growth of cities and rise of boomtowns
    Economic impact of Industrialization during the Oil Boom
  • Q5
    it set limits to regulate and control oil prices
    Political Impact of the Texas Railroad Commission
  • Q6
    Increase in the manufacturing of products especially those created from natural resources like oil and gas, agricultural resources, cattle, goat, and sheep, etc. Texans also had approximately 200,000 Texans fight, and Four major military camps were set up in Texas
    Texas and World War I
  • Q7
    Highest level of protection in the short term
    Sea Walls - advantages
  • Q8
    It was the deadliest hurricane and natural disaster in the United States, they build a 17 foot wall and raised the ground 16 feet to protect the port city.
    What steps did leaders in Galveston take to prevent damage from future hurricanes?
  • Q9
    another name for oil, it helped to boost Texas Economy
    Texas Gold
  • Q10
    Used to drill holes
    drill bit
  • Q11
    any facility servicing military forces
    Military Installation
  • Q12
  • Q13
    an area of small towns or farms
    rural area
  • Q14
    A factory in which crude oil is heated and separated into fuels and other products
  • Q15
    Tower-like frame over the oil well

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