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Aladdin and the Magic Lamp

Quiz by Gena Corbitt

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16 questions
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  • Q1

    Where did Aladdin live? 


    on the street

    far away

  • Q2

    The stranger told Aladdin that he was his 




  • Q3

    Where did the stranger take Aladdin? 

    to his house

    outside the city

    to a castle

  • Q4

    The man was not Aladdin's uncle, but he was a 


    a teacher

    a prince

  • Q5

    What did the man ask Aladdin to find in the cave? 

    a ring


    a lamp

  • Q6

    What did the man give Aladdin that would keep him safe? 

    a sword

    a ring

    a magic book

  • Q7

    Why did the man trap Aladdin? 

    because Aladdin had stolen his money

    because he didn't like Aladdin

    because he wanted the lamp

  • Q8

    When Aladdin rubbed the magician's ring, what appeared? 

    a genie

    his real uncle

    a princess

  • Q9

    How did Aladdin escape from the cave? 

    he asked the genie for help

    he moved the rock

    he dug a hole

  • Q10

    What did Aladdin's mother think about the lamp? 

    it would help them get lots of food

    it would make them a lot of money

    it was old and dirty, so it was not worth anything

  • Q11

    What did Aladdin have when he grew up? 

    nothing he was very poor

    a palace and a princess

    a farm 

  • Q12

    How did the magician trick Aladdin's wife? 

    he said he would give her a bigger palace for the old lamp

    he said he would give her lots of gold for the old lamp

    he said he would trade the old lamp for a new lamp

  • Q13

    What did the magician wish for? 

    for the palace and princess to be taken to Africa

    for a new palace and some camels

    for gold and lots of food

  • Q14

    How did Aladdin go to Africa to find the princess? 

    he rode a camel

    he walked

    he rubbed the ring

  • Q15

    How did Aladdin and the princess trick the magician? 

    they tied him with rope

    the princess put powder in his drink

    Aladdin used the magic ring to play a trick


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