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Alan Freed Test 1 (Pages 1-4)

Quiz by Earl Kent

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12 questions
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  • Q1

    Alan Freed’s first broadcasting position was at a radio station in:

    New Castle, Pennsylvania

    Akron, Ohio

    Johnstown, Pennsylvania

    Youngstown, Ohio

  • Q2

    In 1949 Alan Freed met record store owner Leo Mintz who owned

    thousands of rhythm and blues records

    a radio station

    Record Rendezvous

    thousands of rock and roll records

  • Q3

    Alan Freed played trombone in a high school band called

    "The Moon Doggies"

    "The Salem Moondogs"

    "Alan and the Chipmunks"

    “The Sultans of Swing”

  • Q4

    In the 1950s kids wanted their own musical identity because

    it was a way to rebel against their parents

    they were tired of listening to their parent’s music

    their parents had their own music when they were kids

    they couldn't dance to their parent's music

  • Q5

    Alan Freed was nicknamed

    "The Father of Rhythm and Blues"


    "The Father of Rock and Roll"

    "Bigger than Elvis"

  • Q6

    Alan Freed held the very first rock concert and dance called

    "The Moondog Dance Party"

    "Alan Freed's Dance Party"

    “The Moondog Coronation Ball”

    "The Rock and Roll Dance Party"

  • Q7

    After “The Moondog Coronation Ball” was cancelled because more than two times the capacity of the Arena showed up and pushed the gates down Alan Freed

    was fired for inciting a riot

    made a public apology

    was banned from hosting further concerts

    was fined $300

  • Q8

    Alan Freed coined the phrase

    "Rock and Roll"

    "The Father of Rock and Roll"

    "The Moondog Coronation Ball"

    "Rhythm and Blues"

  • Q9

    What was the name of the weekly half-hour TV show on CBS hosted by Alan Freed?

    "The Rock and Roll Dance Party"

    "The Moondog Dance Party"

    "Alan Freed's Rock and Roll"

    "The Moondog Coronation Ball"

  • Q10

    Alan Freed’s signature home for hosting rock and roll shows in New York City was at:

    the "Brooklyn Fox"

    the “Big Brooklyn Paramount”

    the "Rock and Roll Dance Party"

    "Madison Square Garden"

  • Q11

    The city of Boston indicted Alan Freed for

    yelling at the Boston police

    turning the house lights on in the theatre

     inciting a riot

    playing rock & roll

  • Q12

    After the Boston Arena concert Alan Freed returned to his radio station job at WINS in New York City and:

    sued the city of Boston

    was fired

    was fined $300 for inciting a riot

    apologized to his fans


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