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Alan&Naomi-Chapter 1-14

Quiz by Owen Kelly

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14 questions
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  • Q1
    In chapter 1 who did Alan try to fight with in the Stickball game?
    Charlie Silverman
    Joe Condello
    Carl Newman
    Sean Kelly
  • Q2
    In chapter 2, we find out that Naomi had seen her father’s bloody death how many years ago?
    10 years
    4 years
    11 years
    1 years
  • Q3
    In chapter 3, why did Alan chose Charlie McCarthy when he saw Naomi at the window for the first time?
    To impress her
    To see how crazy she would be
    To get her attention
    To make her laugh
  • Q4
    In chapter 4, why did Alan lie to Sean about not being able to play Stickball?
    He didn’t want to say he was going to study Math at home
    He had plans with his family
    He was planning a surprise game for Sean
    As he had planned to visit Naomi and didn’t feel comfortable telling the truth
  • Q5
    In chapter 5, who let Alan into the house to visit Naomi?
    Mrs Leibman
    Mrs Kelly
    Mrs Silverman
    Mrs Kirshenbaum
  • Q6
    In chapter 6, after the water fight, why did Alan not like being told he was a good-boy?
    He feared that he may not be accepted into the group of friends
    He wanted to stay out in the rain and play with Condello
    He thought he was too old to be called a good-boy
    He thought he was better than a good-boy
  • Q7
    In chapter 7, why did the butterfly bombardment not work out for Alan?
    He got a bad grade for his reading
    His teacher enjoyed it instead of being angry
    He impressed his friends and not his teacher
    The teacher and his friends were so impressed
  • Q8
    In chapter 8, Alan said he was taking a day off from seeing Naomi...
    as he was fed up of her
    as his father called him a MENSH and he thought he didn’t need to
    but said he was seeing her the following day
    but decided to go upstairs and play with her and the dolls
  • Q9
    In chapter 9, Alan is about to tell Shaun about Naomi...
    but Shaun called her ‘Crazy Cat’ and decided not to
    but made Shaun promise not to tell anyone
    but Shaun was telling him a story about a crazy cat
    but it begins to rain and doesn’t tell him
  • Q10
    In chapter 10, why did Naomi throw the doll to the floor?
    Alan asked her to teach him to play Stickball
    Alan asked her to teach him French
    She wanted Charlie instead of Yvette
    Alan asked her to teach him ‘La Marseillaese’
  • Q11
    In chapter 11, what did Alan feel at the end of the chapter?
    He felt sad that he treated Naomi so bad
    He had the feeling he had seen Naomi before
    He wanted Naomi to be his girlfriend
    He felt happy that Shaun was his best friend
  • Q12
    In chapter 12, Alan felt uncomfortable in the lobby because...
    Naomi and her mother had entered and Naomi talked to Alan in front of Shaun using Yvette
    Alan’s plane hit Naomi’s mother
    Yvette started talking to Shaun and Alan felt embarrassed
    Naomi’s mother started to talk to Shaun
  • Q13
    In chapter 13, what did Alan’s father ask him to do?
    To play more with the dummies
    Alan has to use a different dummy
    Alan must talk to Naomi without the doll and the dummy
    Alan will have to introduce her to Shaun
  • Q14
    In chapter 14, Mrs Kirshenbaum and Mrs Leibman run into Naomi’s room because...
    Naomi reacted badly to Alan communicating without the doll
    Alan called them as he was worried about Naomi and Yvette
    Naomi and Alan were shouting and arguing
    Naomi was playing French music too loud

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