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Quiz by Swati Tiwari

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  • Q1
    Which of these is an important step in creating your own algorithm to solve a problem?
    Deciding what color to color your algorithm
    Deciding what movie you want to watch while making your algorithm
    Deciding what kind of snack you will have while making your algorithm
    Deciding the steps needed to solve the problem
  • Q2
    Which step should be performed first in an algorithm to brush your teeth?
    Put toothpaste on your toothbrush
    Start brushing your teeth
    Wet your toothbrush
    Rinse your mouth with water
  • Q3
    If you were to write an algorithm for tying your shoelaces, which of these would be the first step?
    Tie a knot at the end of the lace
    Pull the laces tight
    Make a bunny ear with one lace
    Cross one lace over the other
  • Q4
    Why is it important to test your algorithm?
    To see if it looks nice on paper
    To make it look complicated
    To see how long it takes to write it
    To make sure it solves the problem correctly
  • Q5
    What would be a part of an algorithm to make a sandwich?
    Eating the sandwich before making it
    Cutting the bread with scissors
    Putting the sandwich in the dishwasher
    Placing a slice of bread on a plate
  • Q6
    If you are writing an algorithm to set a table for dinner, what would be a logical first step?
    Place the plates on the table
    Put the tablecloth in the washing machine
    Put the food on the table
    Start eating dinner
  • Q7
    Which step would be included in an algorithm for baking a cake?
    Put the cake in the refrigerator
    Serve the cake before baking
    Eat the cake before baking it
    Mix the ingredients together
  • Q8
    What is a crucial step in an algorithm for doing your laundry?
    Fold your clothes before washing them
    Put dirty clothes in the oven
    Put dirty clothes in the washing machine
    Leave your clothes on the floor
  • Q9
    What does an algorithm need to be considered successful?
    It should be very long and detailed
    It should be written in a foreign language
    It should solve the problem it was designed to solve
    It should use big and complicated words
  • Q10
    What is an algorithm?
    A type of mathematical equation
    A set of instructions to solve a problem
    A programming language
    A kind of computer game

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