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Algorithms - KS3

Quiz by Quizalize Team

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    What is a flowchart?
    A programming language
    A diagram representing a set of instructions
    A list which represents decisions
  • Q2
    How is a decision represented in a flowchart?
    With a straight line
    With a circle
    With a diamond symbol
    Decisions are not represented
  • Q3
    Which of these is an algorithm?
    A list of items in your bag
    A cake recipe
    A bus timetable
    A movie
  • Q4
    When would you use an algorithm?
    To write a novel
    To design solutions for any problem
    To design solutions for programming problems
    Only with computers
  • Q5
    What's the advantage of a serial search?
    It is very simple
    It is very slow
    It is very quick
    It is very complex
  • Q6
    What are searching algorithms used for?
    To save data
    To organise data
    To add data to a set
    To search through a set of data
  • Q7
    What's the purpose of a sorting algorithm?
    To order data
    To search through data
    To add data to a set
    To save data
  • Q8
    What's the advantage of a bubble sort?
    It is very complex
    It is very slow
    It is very quick
    It is very simple
  • Q9
    What is iteration?
    Decision making in an algorithm
    Repetition of steps in an algorithm
    Running program code
    Finding errors in algorithms
  • Q10
    What is an advantage of iteration?
    Allows the use of computational thinking
    Helps finding bugs
    Removes unnecessary steps
    Can easily make decisions
  • Q11
    What is selection?
    Repetition of paths
    A decision
    A solution to a problem
    A branch of the solution
  • Q12
    Which statement would you use to implement selection in code?

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