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All About Earth #2

Quiz by Nathalie Alvarado

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13 questions
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  • Q1
    Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, and hurricanes are all :
    Events on Earth
    Natural Disasters
    Outer Space Events
  • Q2
    Can we stop natural disasters from happening?
  • Q3
    When magma escapes, it is called _____________
    An asteroid
    An eruption
    An explosion
  • Q4
    Volcanoes are formed when ________________
    Molten rock works its way to the surface
    Humans dig a hole
    A hole forms on the crust
  • Q5
    A sudden shaking of the ground that sometimes causes great destruction is called ___________________
    A hurricane
    An earthquake
    A tornado
  • Q6
    What are tsunamis?
    A huge storm
    Huge waves caused by movement in the ocean floor
    Movement in the tectonic plates
  • Q7
    How can we reduce the impact of natural disasters?
    Stopping them when the arrive
    Running away
    With different building materials and structures
  • Q8
    These are volcanoes formed from particles and blobs of lava
    Cinder cones
  • Q9
    These volcanoes form wide thin layers of lava
    Shield volcanoes
    Cinder cones
  • Q10
    These volcanoes are formed by thick lava that hardens right at the vent
    Cinder cones
    Lava domes
  • Q11
    What is a fossil?
    When lava hardens
    Hardened mud
    The preserved remains of an animal or plant
  • Q12
    This is an animal no longer found on Eath today
    An extinct animal
    A fossilized animal
    A lost animal
  • Q13
    What can fossils help us know about an animal?
    The history of life, diet and body of the animal
    The name of the animal

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