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All Quiet on the Western Front Ch. 1-3

Quiz by Melinda Stinson

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    At the beginning of the novel, what is one possible reason that the men are given double rations?
    The cook miscalculated the number of men when he ordered the food
    They lost so many men in battle that they have extra food
    They were able to eat the rations of the French army after they won the battle
    The leaders of the army decided to send up extra rations as a reward for their bravery.
  • Q2
    Based on the narrator's comments, what can we infer was the reason the he and his friends joined the army?
    They believed strongly in the cause they were fighting for
    They didn't want anyone else to have the glory of victory
    They felt like they were making their parents proud
    They had been persuaded by the words and influence of their teacher
  • Q3
    What is ironic about the letter Kropp receives from Kantorek calling the boys the "Iron Youth"?
    They learn that Kantorek has died just after sending the letter
    They realize that he sent the letter to Kropp by mistake
    They read it after visiting Kemmerich and seeing that he is about to die from his injuries
    They had just been calling themselves the "Iron Youth" before the letter came.
  • Q4
    How does the following line convey the theme of the selection: "We have lost all sense of other considerations, because they are artificial. Only the facts are real and important to us. And good boots are scarce."
    It shows how important the boots were to Muller
    It reveals the fact that Kemmerich has died
    It shows how the men have learned to physically survive during war
    It reveals how the horrors of war have dehumanized the boys and made them unemotional
  • Q5
    What assumptions can the reader make about Corporal Himmelstoss who led the boys in their training?
    He enjoyed his role as a trainer because he was able to help the younger soldiers
    He encouraged the boys to focus on the glory they would receive in war
    He enjoyed making the soldiers miserable with his harsh and brutal training techniques
    He sympathized with the boys and tried to make their lives easier
  • Q6
    What do Kemmerich's interactions with Paul (the narrator) right before his death reveal about the impact of war?
    He worried that his death would upset his family, which shows the impact war had on the survivors
    His loss of hope in a future life mirror the feelings of many soldiers who were unable to re-enter the world after the war
    He was happy that his death was a result of battle because he believed the myth of the glory of war
    He refused to believe that he would die, which shows the cruel aspect of war because it kills those who are innocent
  • Q7
    Why does Paul say "we couldn't do without Katczinsky; he has a sixth sense"?
    Katczinsky's resourcefulness and knowledge helps him gain extra materials and help for the soldiers
    Katczinsky knows how to make the commanders and soldiers happy
    Katczinsky has the uncanny ability to know when the enemy is close by
    Katczinsky is an expert at warfare and helps the soldiers by teaching them his skills
  • Q8
    Which statement summarizes the soldiers' discussion about war?
    "Disappointed we lie down and consider whether we couldn't have a go at the iron rations. But it's too risky; so we try to get a wink of sleep"
    "We loved our country as much as they; we went courageously into every action; but also we distinguished the false from the true, we had suddenly learned to see."
    "Give 'em all the same grub and all the same pay, And the war would be over and done in a day"
    "Today we have done an hour's saluting drill because Tjaden failed to salute a major smartly enough"
  • Q9
    What is one possible reason why Tjaden takes such pleasure in beating Corporal Himmelstoss?
    Himmelstoss humiliated Tjaden because of Tjaden's bed-wetting
    Tjaden felt that he could gain Himmelstoss's rank if he eliminated him
    Tjaden was trying to gain the favor of the other soldiers.
    Tjaden blamed Himmelstoss for Kemmerich's death

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